We can make headings and text in a variety of colors. We can actually do them in any of 16 million colors, but it's easier if we use these common colors. We can use the same colors as background colors, also.

The headings above and below also have a simple shadow added.

Common Colors

Class Example
aquaText is aqua
aqua/navyAqua on navy
blackText is black
blueText is blue
brownText is brown
coralText is coral
darkgreenText is dark green
deeppinkText is deep pink
dodgerblueText is dodgerblue
cyanCyan, same as aqua
cyan/blueCyan text, blue bg
cyan/redCyan on red, yuck!
fuchsiaFuchsia, same as magenta
gainsboroGainsboro on black
gainsboroGainsboro on white
goldText is gold
gold/redGold on red
grayGray (or grey)
greenText is green
limeText is lime
lime/redLime on red, yuck!
magentaMagenta, same as fuchsia
maroonText is maroon
oliveText is olive
orangeMakes text orange
pinkMakes text pink
purpleMakes text purple
redMakes text red
rosybrownMakes rosy brown
silverMakes text silver
springgeenMakes spring green
tanMakes text tan
tealMakes text teal
turquoiseMakes text turquoise
violetMakes text violet
white/whiteWhite on white
white/grayWhite on gray
white/redWhite on red
yellowMakes text yellow
yellow/redYellow on red

Notice that light colors on light backgrounds are hard to read, as are dark colors on dark backgrounds.

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