Tables have rows and columns, forming cells, similar to the spreadsheets you might be familiar with from using an Office Program.

They are very useful for displaying tabular data. Unfortunately, when you have to plan a website so that it can be used effectively on a mobile device as well as a large monitor, tables cannot be very wide or the formatting will be really messed up.

Here is a typical kind of table we can use on our websites:

Population 2010
District Area sq. km. Population
Belize 4,204 87,247
Cayo 5,338 73,202
Corozal 1,860 40,324
Orange Walk 4,737 45,419
Stann Creek 2,176 32,166
Toledo 4,649 30,538
Total 22,964 312,971

We also use a table on this website to display the common colors available.

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