Email Forwarding is considered a feature, because we offer it as part of our package of web features.

One limitation of Email Forwarding is that when you reply to a custome, your email address is different. For example, if your customer sent a message to, you will receive it at, perhaps,

You can seem more professional if you can send as well as receive email at Actually, it could be As an option, we offer the email services provided by GoDaddy, customized for your website.

There are several plans that are available. Frankly, we think they cost a little more than we might have expected, but we know that dealing with email is a nuisance, even for an outfit like GoDaddy.

We used to offer this option ourselves, but we were overwhelmed by spam and other unwanted email. These GoDaddy plans have excellent protection from virus, spam, and fraud protection built-in.

Here are the two plans we recommend. The prices, in Belize dollars, include our costs for setting them up and monitoring them.

Personal Email

GoDaddy calls it Personal, but there is nothing that prevents your doing business with it. Here are its features, limitations, and cost:

Business Email

The main difference for a Business account is that you can have up to 5 different email addresses. So you could have info@mywebsite, myname@mywebsite, sales@mywebsite, etc.

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