Meta Data

Meta Data is information that is included with a web page, but humans don't usually read it. Instead, it is meant to give instructions to a web browser, or a search engine bot.


All of our web pages should have a title. Most browsers will place this title in the title bar of the browser window, and perhaps use part of it on a tab to help you select one of the web pages you have open.

Meta Descriptions

If a meta description is provided, many search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, may use it to help provide a description of the page.

Meta Keywords

We can place a list of words that you would like search engines to use to index your web page(s). These were very important a decade or more ago, but because so many people abused them, search engines today either ignore them or pay very little attention to them.

hCard, vcard

Another capability we have is to use the hCard microformat to give explicit instructions to search engines when entries represent names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information that can be indexed. This makes sense on a website like where we have listings of businesses and organizations.

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