Websitos are what we call small websites that share the Corozal.bz domain name. They are less expensive than Websites partly because they do not have the cost of an annual domain name rental, but also because it is easier to set up and maintain as a part of Corozal.bz.

Most of our Options and some of our website

There is at least one advantage of Websitos. It might be hard to find a short, easy-to-remember domain name for your website. For example if you were looking for a domain name for June's Kitchen, you would find most choices taken. junes.com is an attorney service in San Diego. juneskitchen.com is rented by an advertising company in Ohio. They might be willing to sell it to you. junesbelize.com might be available, but the domain name doesn't tell you where in Belize it is. And junescorozal.com could be in Puerto Rico, or in Panama. Corozal.bz/junes tells you it's in Corozal, Belize.


Here are some of our Websitos:

A & R

A & R is the Corozal branch of the large network of stores selling books, office supplies and equipment, stationery supplies, gifts, and other items.

Corozal Daily

Corozal Daily is a listing of some of the postings by Lincoln Eiley of Corozal Realty on his Corozal Daily ... Sometimes mailing list.

Frank's Meat Products

Frank's Meat Products is a butcher shop in Corozal Town, that has recently moved into larger quarters near the Civic Center.

ITVET Corozal

ITVET Corozal is the website for the ITVET in Corozal Town. With well over 10 pages, it shows that a Websito can be more than just a few pages.

June's Kitchen

June's Kitchen is a small websito showcasing the small home-cooking restaurant that is currently ranked by TripAdvisor as the #1 restaurant in Corozal!

Prosser Corozal

Prosser Corozal is an example of a branch of a countrywide business (Prosser Fertilizer & Agrotec Co. Ltd). It features the local branch and its products and staff.

Wash Spot

The Wash Spot shows a vehicle cleaning and detailing service that usually operates at the Belize Border, in the parking lot. Because they are mobile, they can also do carpet cleaning for homes, and power washing for homes and driveways.

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