About Us

We are Jan and Judy Wilson, and we do websites. We have lived in Corozal Town, Belize, for over 23 years.

Jan was the first computer network administrator at CCC and CJC He does the programming and the technical work for our websites.

Judy was the first student/staff counselor at CCC and CJC. She does the marketing and most of the photo and copy editing for our websites.

This site, and our Facebook page, are dedicated to helping people in Belize get or improve their web presence whether we supply your services or not.

We do offer a wide range of web-oriented services. Completely free, you can have a minimal web presence for your Corozal District business or organization on the Internet. For a one-time fee of only 25 Belize dollars, you can get more information included in a listing.

Prices for other services are quite reasonable, a fraction of what a web designer in the U.S. might charge. It’s also less than many Belizean web services charge, comparing overall quality. Our goal is that any business or organization in Belize can get web services that fit the budget.

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