Favicons and Favicon Bullets

Depending on the browser you are using, you may see a small icon on the tab at the top of the page above, where you might also see part of the title of this page. It should look like the icon on the left of this paragraph, but probably smaller.

That icon is called a favicon. You might also see it in a list of bookmarks if you bookmark this page.

We make a favicon for all our websites, as a standard feature. It helps your branding and allows easy recognition of bookmarks.

We also often use the favicon as bullets in an unordered list, like this:

  • This is a list of items.
  • The bullets on the left
  • should be our Jwebs favicon.
  • And this is our favicon for Corozal.bz
  • And for Corozal.com

You can see a most of our favicons on the Websites Page.

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