Other Websites

Other JWebs Websites

Here are websites we have done, but have not yet converted to our new system.

For Comparison

The following websites are not ones done by us. They are about locations in the Corozal District and are given here for comparison, information, and ideas.

If you know of any we have missed, we’ll be glad to add them, if they are home pages (we did not want to include websites that only have a page or section about Corozal).

Some of these websites could have done something fairly simple to reduce their page weight and load faster. Every website has to choose some point on the continuum between very small, fast, and lean, to very large, fancy, and slow.

For comparison, here is a page we have created to be about as plain, simple, and fast-loading as possible. Unfortunately, most people would find it boring. But it gives you a contrast with the largest sites above. Its page weight is 501 bytes, not kilobytes or megabytes.

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