Almost all of our websites have special capabilities for printing. If you use any modern browser, you can choose File/Print to print the page to a printer, or probably File/Print Preview to show on the screen how the page would be printed.

On Chrome, you click on the three vertical dots on the upper right (⁝) to get the menu, and then click Print.

A very simple page will print OK from almost any browser, but many of the features that make a good web page on the screen don’t work so well when printed.

Here are some of the things that enhance printing on most of our websites:

  • Fancy bullets are changed to normal bullets for printing.
  • Most navigation items do not print since they are unnecessary.
  • Many background printing problems are avoided.
  • A printer margin is added, which should work on most printers.
  • A message at the bottom of the page tells the website and page it was printed from.


Most browsers do not print background images or colors. This saves printer ink, but can mess up some pages. For example, the screen may show white text on a dark color background. The printed page may not show the heading just above this paragraph at all.

Here are several print previews of the home page, without print enhancement.

And these are showing the enhanced printing we talked about above.

This one didn’t fit on one page, but it still works better in the print enhanced mode.

If you want to compare, check out the sites on our Websites or Other Websites pages and try them in your own browser.


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