Stock Photos

Photos and other graphics can make a website much more interesting. For sites in Belize, we can often get lots of good photos of your place or nearby attractions, and that is great.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t convenient to get local photos. We can’t always find someone who is very photogenic to be a subject in a photo. Or the view is good but the weather is not. In those cases, an alternative is to buy a stock photo.

For example, the image on the right is from the Cerros archaeological site, right here in the Corozal District. We have our own photos (from years ago) of Cerros. Or we could drive over to Cerros and take a few updated photos. Or, for a small amount of money (less than gas to get to Cerros and back) we can download and legally use a photo taken by a professional photographer.

If you want a pretty girl in a bikini on a lane like you might find in San Pedro, how could you beat this? It would probably cost much more and it is doubtful you could improve on it.

Sample Shutterstock Photos

The Shutterstock folks were nice enough to provide some sample photos that may give you an idea of the range of images available. Actually, they have over 31 million photos available, including 25 pages of images tagged with the keyword Belize. They are adding about 170 thousand every week. So this is a very tiny example of the 31 million.

You can search Shutterstock yourself here:

We can add Shutterstock images to your web pages for about $12 (Belize) each if you find the image you want and give us the Shutterstock id number. Or we can search for it, and give you one or more samples to look at, for about $20. This includes the proper attribution like you see in the samples above.

Other Stock Images

Shutterstock is not the only supplier of stock photos and images, of course. We have found that this site:
has nearly as many stock photos at a cheaper price, often of the same photo.

Sometimes we get an opportunity to buy a special collection of stock images at a very low price. Here is a sample of some images from a collection of Christmas images:


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