We expect all charges to be paid within 21 days of invoicing. Payment can be by cash or check, in Belize or US dollars, or perhaps even in Mexican pesos. You can also deposit the balance to our bank account in Atlantic Bank.

If more convenient, payment can also be made by PayPal (most credit cards are accepted by PayPal).

For cash or check payments, we will accept partial payments, but they must be a minimum of 20% of the unpaid balance, or $20 BZD, whichever is greater. You can make a partial payment by depositing it in our account in Atlantic Bank, a check mailed to our PO Box, or by bringing it to us.

An account becomes past due a month after invoicing, and after a full month in past due status, all websites, websitos, ads, listings, etc. will be temporarily disabled. They will be re-enabled if your account balance is paid in full within two months of disabling.

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