This is a page you can check when you think there might be a problem with your website.


JavaScript is a programming language that is built into your browser to allow websites to do a lot of fancy things. Most sites expect that you have this JavaScript enabled, and will not perform as well without it. Some websites (not ours) will not work at all without Javascript.

If you or a customer of yours is reporting that animations don’t move, or that larger images appear in a new page rather than popping up, chances are that JavaScript is disabled. Here is a site that gives great instructions on how to enable Javascript:

Browser Refresh

If we tell you that we have made some improvements to your website, and you look and don’t see them, it may be that your browser’s cache still has the old pages, images, or scripts. This means that your browser thinks it already has the items in its cache, and is using those old items rather than downloading the new ones. If you don’t want to wait a day or two until the browser automatically flushes its cache, most browsers give you a way to force a refresh. You can try holding down the Ctrl key and pressing F5, or holding Ctrl and clicking on the refresh button. If those don’t work, one of these websites might help you:


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