We are in the process of upgrading our websites to an improved system. There are some that are not yet upgraded, and we will add them as they are. Here are some examples of websites we have done.


We also have smaller sites that are part of All of them have been upgraded to the new system, because for technical reasons, it was easier.

  • A & R — Corozal branch of the variety chain
  • Atlantic Bank — Corozal branch of Atlabank in Belize
  • Diabetes — Information about diabetes in the Corozal District
  • Franks — Popular meat market in Corozal Town
  • Internet Ideas — Ideas to help with internet access/marketing in the Corozal District
  • ITVET — Vocational training program in the Corozal District
  • Junes Kitchen — Well-known restaurant on College Road, Corozal Town
  • JW Designs — Image editing by Judy Wilson, Corozal Town
  • LockWiz — Some security hints for the Corozal District
  • Marage Shipping — Shipping from Los Angeles to Belize
  • Prosser — Corozal branch of Prosser Fertilizer & Agrotec
  • Sky Juice — Purified water from the Maya rain god Chaac
  • Wash Spot — Mobile vehicle washing and other services, usually at the Border
  • Yu Cheng’s Furniture — Quality furniture design and construction
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